The Spurgeon Fellowship

2006-2007 Season

September 19, 2006 (Tuesday)

“To Suffer And To Preach”  Part 1Part 2

We get tired. We feel depressed. Discouragement clouds our ability to see anything of value and fills us with doubt regarding our own calling to ministry. So how do we pastor during seasons of weakness? How do we preach when our heart is breaking? How do we proclaim the good news while enduring the dark night of the soul?

November 14, 2006 (Tuesday)

“The Priority Of The Pastor(ate)”

With the roguish autonomy that distinguishes much of American evangelicalism, a pastor is frequently regarded as unnecessary; a relic from a church era no longer relevant. But what is God’s place and purpose for the pastor of a local church? What is His calling for the man who would occupy this office?

January 16, 2007 (Tuesday)

“The Pastor’s Heart”

Dispassion and indifference are death to the pastoral task. Yet the demands of ministry frequently exhaust our emotional resources. How do we maintain an ongoing affection for God and people? How do we ensure that our preaching is more than an academic exercise, but a fervent and personal communication of the heart?

March 20, 2007 (Tuesday)

“How To Increase Oral Clarity In Your Preaching”

We want our preaching to be effective. This necessitates a commitment to clarity. But unlike written clarity, speakers need a unique set of oral skills for listeners to follow along successfully. What are these oral skills? How are they cultivated? What are the factors that contribute to losing the enthusiastic engagement of the congregation?

Biographical Information

Art Azurdia
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of Spirit Empowered Preaching and a contributing author to The Compromised Church and Reforming Pastoral Ministry.

Scott Gilcrest
Pastor of Southwest Bible Church in Portland, Oregon. He is an active conference speaker in the United States and has taught Christian leaders in Africa, Russia, India, Europe and Japan. His Downtown Bible Class radio program began in 1993 and has expanded to become a worldwide outreach.

Mike Jones
Pastor of Independent Bible Church in Port Angeles, Washington. He is a frequently sought-after conference speaker for pastors’ groups around the world, and the founder and former president of PAC-RIM Bible College and Seminary.

Don Sunukjian
Professor of Christian Ministry/Leadership and Chair of Homiletics at Talbot Seminary in Los Angeles, California. He is a contributing author to Bibliotheca Sacra, Biblical Preaching, and conducts pastors’ conferences throughout the United States.

Instead of quarreling with our brethren,

we must combine against the common adversaries;

and all ministers must associate

and hold communion, and correspondence,

and constant meetings to these ends

The church prospers when its leaders flourish in clusters

Ministers should act as fellow-helpers in their great work.

It should be seen that they exert themselves

with one heart and soul, and with united strength . . .

and to that end should often meet together and act in concert

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